Give Your Property That “Lived-In” Feeling While It’s On The Market

If you’ve moved to a new home but haven’t quite sold your previous home, you have to make sure that the house you are trying to sell always looks presentable to your potential buyers. While you might think of the obvious issues such as general cleaning while you are making a list of all the upkeep you will need to do, have you thought about dusting and pest control?

When your buyers have a hard time imagining that anyone ever lived in your house, they will be much less likely to buy it for themselves. Follow these tips to keep your house in the best condition possible while keeping up that image.

Clean but not Clinical

While you want to make sure that the dust doesn’t stick around and the carpets look new, you don’t want to leave the house feeling like a hospital janitorial team came through and gave it a good stripping from top to bottom.

By leaving some of the furniture you don’t currently use and making use of a few sparse decorations, you’ll be able to fill in the blanks that most potential buyers wouldn’t be able to fill in their own minds.

Keep the Creepy Crawlies in Mind

Even just days after you move out of your home, pests can begin to make your use their house. You don’t want your potential buyers to see a spider when they come to view your home. Besides scaring your buyers away, pests will make the property look and feel neglected.

By maintaining a quarterly pest control regime even while you are trying to sell your home, you can avoid many of those worst-case scenarios and have more success with impressing the people who consider purchasing your property.

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